Lean Leadership Global Masterclass

15-17 July, 2020

Online Live Streaming

Lead the journey towards a successful cultural transformation that delivers superior performance.

Our Speakers: Worldwide Lean Leaders

Masamoto AmezawaFormer Lexus Kyushu Vicepresident
Jeff Liker9 Times Shingo Prize Award and best seller
Antonio PerezFormer Fiat-Chrysler Plant Director
Cheryl JonesFormer Toyota Kentucky Vice president
Xavier PujolFormer VW Production Head
Mami TakedaDirector, Tour Coordinator & Lean Interpreter
Mikhail KalininFormer 3M Plant Manager
Mihai CristeaInteva Closures Plant Manager
Gustavo VarelaDirector Consulting Division ALFRA
Jason SnaggsCEO at Yellowknives Dene First
Olivia GallardoSHRBP-Director & Founder KATA Organizational
Olga AndreevaDirector of ANO Kaizen Japan Center, Russia.
Problem Solving
Problem Solving

Skills and methods required to improve the systems and processes in order to deliver superior results & innovation.

Lean Culture
Lean Culture

How to foster and achieve consistently the desired behaviors among the entire organization


A daily, common approach for leaders to develop others and improve their own teaching skills.


Lead and guide the company transformation starting from self-development and developing great teams.


Day 1: Wednesday, July 15

July 15
How to come back stronger from the COVID Crisis using digital technologies

Crisis is always a great opportunity to rethink the business model, leadership must look at how to take advantage of the crisis by developing new competencies.

July 15
Learning from Toyota Failures to become stronger

Live experience of Toyota early years in the ’60s. A great reflection and learning from Toyota failures and Mr. Amezawa as a young Toyota Engineer. Stories and Leadership learnings from Mr. Taichi Ohno. Mr. Amezawa-san will share his Leadership experience as a president of Toyota Georgetown probably the biggest Toyota plant in the world and Leadership in Lexus Green Field.

July 15
Lessons from Japan Leadership

Takeda-san has been training executives and leaders in Japan from all over the world. She has collaborated with several leaders with deep experience in Lean Philosophy. She will share her learnings from this journey.

July 15
How to create a system of people who are willing and able to solve problems

In this lecture, we will discuss the “systems” Toyota utilizes to create a culture of both, motivated and capable problem solvers at every level throughout the entire enterprise.

Day 2: Thursday, July 16

July 16
Disruptive Lean Leadership and Management for a disruptive world.

What is Disruptive Leadership? Why does it matter? How can it help lean organizations survive and thrive in a disruptive world?

July 16
Leading and developing people from the Gemba

Mihai Cristea strongly believes that leaders must have a hands-on approach, to show the way and challenge people for higher performance, He will share his approach and learnings on his leadership development journey.

July 16

Lean Leadership as a key factor for Lean Culture Transformation

Key actions of a Leader to success in creating a Lean Culture and Operations of Excellence: How to create an Operations Excellence Roadmap and how Lean Leader Standard Work keep you stick to the plan and leading lean in the right way.

July 16
Creating flexible and adaptable organizations

Companies with a high degree of flexibility and adaptability have quickly adjusted to the market during the crisis.  Lean concepts apply to flexibility.  So much to share about Toyota’s history to increase flexibility to meet changing customer demands.  

July 16
Coronavirus shock

Even if blood is shed and there are victims, the “body” (corporate body) remains alive.

What is the preferred exit strategy for crises? Are methods dependent on the industry?

Rely on past experience or look for new features created by COVID -19?

Keep calm and manage of stabile advice from Toyota!

Day 3: Friday, July 17

July 17
The Toyota Way Leadership in Times of Crisis

Turning crisis into opportunity, Toyota has faced several crises in recent years, a tsunami, an economic recession, and even a recall scandal. Due to the leadership approach to face these challenges, Toyota managed to navigate successfully through them.

July 17
The Lean Transformation success model

Do you know the factors that will bring a successful and sustainable transformation of your business? Build an integral strategy to start the improvement journey.

July 17
How HR embodies Lean Strategy and Influence Businesses to Succeed

If there is a time when HR needs to be capable to navigate a VUCA* world, then it is now. HR as a strategic partner is key and needs to be part of high-level strategies to ensure the proper approach and address the multiple factors impacting all elements

and scale External environment, Internal conditions, Leadership, Talent and Culture.

 * VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity

July 17
Lean servant Leadership and Coaching to develop efficient organization and teams

How leadership shall behave, we will cover the servant leadership role, how to create powerful Gemba conversations at the shop floor and building the emotional intelligence of groups.

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