Create awareness of the leader’s role in the journey to transform the organization into one of continuous learning and improvement.

Why invest your time in this training (Learning Outcomes):

  • Clarify and get assurement on how to start your lean journey
  • Understand the development model for Lean Leaders
  • How to engage leaders from all levels in the lean journey
  • How to take daily action to achieve your long term objectives
  • Learn real-life examples of leading a lean transformation
  • Launch date: 10.04.2020

  • Language: English

Body of knowledge:

Lean Management 

  •  Lean principles
  •  Setting the vision and standards
  •  Ways Visualize performance (abnormality management)
  •  Kaizen the current condition 

Lean Leadership Development

Commitment for Self-development

  • Lean leader fundamental skills 

Coaching & Developing Others

  • Coaching and Improvement Routines

Supporting the Daily Management

Leadership roles and responsibilities on the day-to-day

Aligning the entire organization

  • Connecting goals across levels and departments 

How to measure the transformation journey

  • Performance and Behaviours indicators to track your journey

Create your own leadership roadmap

  • Each participant will create their own path based on their own context and challenges.


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