Lean Manufacturing Workshop

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7-9 June 2016


We are glad to welcome you to this Gemba program, which we are confident it will be a good experience of great value for your development.

Here you can find all the training communication, plant address, agenda and downloadable files for each template we will use, so you can use them after your training.

Please, make sure to answer the pre workshop survey  before the training, you can answer  it in English or Romanian,

Here you can access it:  http://bit.ly/surverBOA ,

Also don’t forget to take with you, 2 copies of the Non Disclosure Agreement to enter the Host plant, if you don’t have it yet, you can download it here.


Lean Principles
  • Manufacturing background & Toyota Production System
  • Value definition for the complete enterprise
  • 8 wastes for Manufacturing and transactional processes
  • Differences between Push and Pull Systems

Downloadable Templates:

Process Stability
  • 5S phases, implementation tips & examples
  • Visual Management for effective decision taking
  • Standard Work concept & examples

Downloadable Files:

Value Stream Management and Mapping
  • Why Value Stream Management
  • Lean Metrics for manufacturing processes
  • Yamazumi, SIPOC & Spaghetti Charts
  • Value Stream Mapping steps explanation

Downloadable Files:

Process Reliability
  • One Piece Flow and Small Batch approaches
  • Quality the source: Poka Yoke, Andon lights, Jidoka, how to assure first time quality.
  • Just in Time Production and Replenishment: benefits of just in time production in inventory, space and lead time.
  • Total Productive Maintenance Introduction

Downloadable Files:

Process Flexibility
  • Principles and benefits of SMED

Gemba activity, analysis and Improvement planning for a Change over process from the host plant

  • Cell Manufacturing and Line Balancing Introduction: Create flexible manufacturing workplace, adapt it depending on the demand level, create different scenarios of workload.
  •  Explanation and types of the Pull Systems: how to implement pull systems depending on the process nature.
  • Types of Kanban systems: calculation and implementation of Kanban signals to trigger the work.
  • Heijunka and Production Leveling introduction: Concept, and benefits of a leveled production.

Downloadable Files:

Analysis & Improvement Methods - Future State Mapping Discussion
  • Analysis of information flow (production control, warehouse, manufacturing and shipping instructions)
  • Development of improvement ideas & Future State VSM development
  • Requirements to achieve Future State (Process and Enterprise level)

 Gemba exercise, Host plant process improvement planning, development of a Future state Map for “Host company Process”, Development of Implementation proposals and Impact/effort matrix

Discussion in how to embrace the Lean culture in your organization.

Daily Management Introduction
  •  The True North
  • Gemba Walk –Managing from the Gemba
  • Daily Meetings & Performance review

Gemba exercise, Gemba walk definition

Host Company: BOA RBT

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Plant Location

Zona Industriala Nord-Vest, str. IV, Nr. 13, Arad, Romania.

Training Schedule

Training period will be from 7, 8 and 9 June

The training hours are form 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We will have 1-hour Lunch break from 12 p.m. to 1p.m. – Lunch will be served at the Plant.

IMPORTANT: We ask you to arrive at 7:45 am the first day since it will take a bit more to make the introduction to the plant.

What do you need to bring with you?

  • 2 copies of the NDA signed by each participant.
  • Protection shoes, if you have your own we encourage you to bring them, if you don’t have, come with normal-closed shoes and you will receive protection caps to put above your shoes.
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