Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Start the Lean Journey with this program for better shop-floor Equipment efficiency, Up-time, and Cost management.

 In-Field TPM Training


Why Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)?

50 years ago Toyota recognized that the key to manufacturing success is when the machinery performs as expected from the design specifications.

 The base of a successful production system is Total Productive Maintenance also know as Toyota Productive Maintenance.

Many manufacturers soon realize in their pursuit of Lean that poor productivity is their main barrier to manufacturing excellence.

This training will give participants the foundation necessary to start the first steps of the TPM implementation and review best practices used by Toyota and other manufacturers.

Learn how to increase your equipment availability

Participants will split into teams to perform activities in the shop floor and present their observations

Understand the Toyota TPM System
Understand the Toyota TPM System

Identify and analyze the operational losses using TPM management tools and structure.

Real Shop floor applications
Real Shop floor applications

We will exercise different TPM concepts directly on the host plant processes

Toyota & other companies TPM Examples
Toyota & other companies TPM Examples

We will review examples of implementations from other companies

Total productive maintenance (TPM) aims to maximize the entire equipment life cycle in order to achieve the highest operational availability.


Language: Romanian

Training Length: 3 days

Aimed to:  General Managers, Managers & Leaders in Maintenance, Manufacturing, Engineering and Continuous improvement.

What we will practice:

  • How to manage the TPM Elements in the equipment lifecycle

  • Practical examples from Toyota and others managing the TPM

  • Step by step Guidelines for your own TPM implementation

  • Learn how TPM improves the teamwork of between departments

  • Learn why TPM gives a strong foundation for operational excellence
  • Overview on how to implement a Working Management System for TPM Management
  • Clear guidelines to Implement the first TPM deliverables on your facility


  • TPM Training is oriented to develop solid Maintenance Management practices.

  • All the content is related as a whole Management System, as part of the General Production System.

  • This Training is not oriented to learn or develop technical skills (e.g. repair a motor, program a Robot, etc).

Training Agenda:

MODULE 1. Toyota’s Equipment Maintenance Model
  • The 4 Pillars of TPM activity. Toyota Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Toyota’s Japanese Original version.
  • 12 Important Items for TPM Management. Toyota’s Japanese Original version
MODULE 2. Failure Occurrence Prevention
  • Toyota Total Productive Maintenance Visual Elements to Facilitate Operation and Maintenance
  • 5 Senses on the Shop Floor.
  • Autonomous Maintenance: Steps for Implementing Operator’s Maintenance
  • Visual Preventive Maintenance.
MODULE 3. Foundation Systems: HR Development for Maintenance and Production Personnel
  • Human Resources for TPM
  • Fundamental Concepts: 4 major items for Team Leader Role
MODULE 4. Hoshin Alignment: Management System applied to Maintenance
  • Toyota Floor Management Development System for Maintenance Management
MODULE 5. Implementing TPM pilot
  • Strategy to Implement TPM on the plant

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