Why to join our Lean Japan Tour?

  • Experience the unique Japanese Culture, get deeper understanding of values like respect, cleanliness and discipline, and how these are embedded in the day to day life and work environments.

  • Kaizen training with Japanese sensei’s:  Learn core concepts of the Kaizen philosophy direct in the shop floor

  • Visit some of the most mature Kaizen companies in the world like Lexus, Toyota, Daihatsu among others.

  • See elements of the Lean principles in real life, like visual management (indication lines in metro station), standard work (Time & Punctuality on the trains).

Company visits


Visit world class organizations like Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu, among others.

Learn from legendary leaders


Sessions with former executives like Mr. Amezawa (Former Lexus Vicepresident)

Grow Together


Share and build relations with leaders from around the world

Learn more about our Lean Japan Mission Tour

Lean Japan Tour Agenda


Visit Fukuoka and Nagoya Prefectures


Reflect on what can be done differently and build an action plan with new ideas coming from this journey

Participant’s reflections

Visiting Toyota with Amezawa-san

Our groups have a limited number of seats to provide an intimate interaction with the leaders and their fellow participants, improving the self-reflection and learning opportunity.

Included Services:

  • Visits to world-class plants

  • Seminars and workshops inside factories

  • Welcome & Closing dinners

  • 6 Hotel nights

  • Local Transportation (Bus & Shinkansen train)

  • Breakfast & Lunch

*participation fee does not include airfare, travel insurance and personal expenses (own dinners and optional activities).


Contact us to get the full agenda and details

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