Gemba Programs:

Become part of our host plant program and get your organization in the Lean journey with us, along with external participants, we will conduct an improvement event in your selected areas, learning and setting the direction for tangible improvement


Significant Benefits:

  • Get tangible benefits in the chosen areas where Kaizen projects will be performed

  • Introduce the Lean concepts and gain momentum to engage your employees in improvement efforts.

  • Establish the framework for Improvement Projects with no investment

  • Receive feedback from ALFRA Consulting team and external participants from other industries

What is needed from the host?

  • Allow access to external participants from other companies (no competitors)

  • Provide amenities (coffee break and lunch) for participants during the event days

  • Availability during the event of the employees involved in the areas selected for kaizen

  • Training/Meeting room available for participants to work

Improvement activities using the PDCA Cycle

Previous Host Companies:

Mercedes Benz, Celestica, Inteva Products, Takata, BOA Group, WestRock, Kimball Electronics, Magna Powertrain, TAC, Sanmina,  Rockwell Automation, among others.

These are just some of the latest in field trainings but you can find the rest of them here.


Do you want to go further? Contact us to talk about how we can support you and become a host for our Gemba programs.

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