8 Steps Problem Solving Training

In-Field Training

Problem Solving

In Field Training

The tools of a Lean Production System are designed to identify problems. Do you have the expertise at all levels of your organization to solve them?.

Practical PDCA Approach
Practical PDCA Approach

Practice the 8 steps of Problem Solving and the concepts used at each step.

Share & Learn
Share & Learn

Work & discuss in teams with participants from different industries

Shop Floor Activities
Shop Floor Activities

Practice the methodology working in real processes and problems.


Who should attend?

Leaders and managers that are interested in learning a structured way of addressing problems and developing teams capable to properly identify, analyse, solve and prevent issues.


Key benefits

  • Learn how to set systems to recognize and prioritize problems

  • Develop a formal, standard approach for problem Solving

  • Learn how to keep track on the speed and effectiveness of the actions.

  • How to use lessons learned to prevent future and systematic issues in other areas.

In Field Problem Solving Training: we will learn and practice on the shop floor


Practice the Problem Solving method (PDCA) and learn how to manage activities in order to identify, analyse, solve and prevent problems.

Problem Solving: based on Toyota’s 8 steps

Can you clearly answer to these questions?

  • How fast can you identify problems in your organization?
  • Do you have a formal approach to solve problems?
  • How do you validate the effectiveness of the implemented actions?
  • Are you learning from those problems to prevent future issues in other areas?
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Host Company: BOA RBT – Arad, Romania

The BOA Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for flexible mechanical elements for the automotive and aerospace industry as well as for a wide range of industrial applications.

The headquarters is based in Stutensee, Germany. Today, the BOA Group consists of 15 subsidiaries and shareholdings in 13 countries.

The BOA Group develops, produces and distributes flexible stainless steel components for engine management, exhaust systems, fuel systems and side components for passenger cars and heavy vehicles.

BOA Romania is located in Arad. The plant started its operations in July 2014 producing metal hoses and exhaust gas recirculation pipes for the automotive industry as well as V-clamps for industrial applications.


Watch now: Problem Solving Introduction


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