Leadership Role in a Lean Transformation

During this event, participants had the opportunity to take part in exercises that inspired trust and team work.

Managers from different organizations have united and shared their ideas and everyday challenges.

This week, Cheryl Jones, former Vice-president of Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing of America hosted leadership seminars in Budapest, where she shared her experience learning, living, and developing people in the Lean philosophy.

Managers from countries like Serbia, Romania and Hungary participated at this event

Having had many years of experience, Cheryl has practical experience, resulted in a long background of implementing Lean concepts in various problems.

With the occasion of this event, leaders learned about Lean principles and practices.They learned that Standardized Work will always remain the best way to work, to be efficient. Cheryl highlighted The Toyota Way methods of taking care of the employees and cherishing them.

Also, managers learned the roles of each leader in an organization and with this knowledge they can support continuous improvement.

Highlights of this event:

  • Problem Solving
  • The necessary steps in Problem Solving and how to cover them efficiently.
  • Standardized Work – Why is it necessary to do it?
  • How to prioritize work and how to organize your daily tasks
  • Mutual trust between employees and a Lean environment
  • A leader’s healthy mentality
  • The control of the abnormalities that occur
Leadership Role

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