Workshop at BOA GROUP ARAD

June 2016

Why Lean Manufacturing

A new approach to Production Management

The Lean management system (founded on the Toyota Production System) is a management philosophy that shortens the time between the customer order and the product shipment by eliminating all inefficiencies (sources of waste).

This it is ultimately reflected in terms of quality, delivery, cost and greater team morale, making a company capable to overcome bigger challenges and their competitors.

Workshop Highlights:

This 3 days workshop is a practical way to present the Lean principles concepts and its implementation in the shop floor (Gemba) from our host plant.

This program aims to develop participants, to really understand the lean principles (know why), and systems which support the behaviors of an operational excellence enterprise, the structure and deployment strategy for an initial phase of a lean transformation, which systems must be deployed and which triggers must be developed, explaining how to measure the deployment based on behaviors, which will deliver  good process and results in soft and hard benefits.

Workshop Pictures:

Why to participate?

  • All exercises and applications are focused in real shop floor operations.
  • Learn and receive direct feedback about Lean management from an experienced instructor
  • Receive nurturing feedback from external participants from other industries
  • Development of skills that can only be achieved by intensive practice and coaching.

Training objectives on the plant

  • Practical shop floor training in Lean principles and methods on the shop floor from our host plant with team based activities, participants get immerse into a kaizen teams.
  • Analyze and develop a Value Stream Map from an entire production process (Selected by Host)
  • Identify the main sources of waste in the entire process from a strategic point of view.
  • Develop an action plan to establish a “Lean Production” System.


Applicable to my operations
Capability of the instructor to transfer the knowledge
Active and Dynamic
Quality of the Information provided

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