Our Team

  • Anda Marzac
    Anda Marzac Operations Manager
  • Nicolae Gligor
  • Mireya Ruiz
    Mireya Ruiz ALFRA Spain Ambassador
  • ANTONIO PEREZ Former Fiat-Chrysler Plant Director
    • Antonio has wide experience at the Director level, with extensive experience leading world-class organizations as Fiat-Chrysler, Aptiv or Marelli Suspension, where he managed to develop a lean culture in plants with +1400 employees.
    • In his +20 years as leader, Antonio has grown coaching skills to develop management and front line people to deliver the highest performance through daily routines and practices (leader standard work), with special attention on always to challenge people, promote training and foster the right behaviors.
    • When developing teams, the main focus has been to transmit the Lean management principles that promote Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Moral.
    • His background enables him to implement systems to improve competitiveness, health and make companies more profitable, with responsibilities in Mexico, USA, Brazil and Italy.
  • Andreea Selin
    Andreea Selin Senior Lean Coach & Trainer
  • Eddie Thomas
    Eddie Thomas Former Toyota Maintenance Manager - TPM Expert
  • Gary Convis
    Gary Convis + 44 years of experience at Volkswagen, GM and Toyota
  • Jeff Strabala
    Jeff Strabala Former Toyota Executive Vice President
  • Jeff Merris
    Jeff Merris + 24 years of Experience at Toyota - Logistics Expert
  • Edgar Cardenas
    Edgar Cardenas Vice-President Global Operations

    Lean Enterprise Consultant with succesful multicultural experience in America and Europe Companies for manufacturing and services companies
    -The Toyota Way Assessment Model Examiner
    -Has trained and consult companies from automotive, electronics, food, financial, plastics, among others sectors.
    -Certified Lean Practitioner by the I

  • Francisco Ocejo
    Francisco Ocejo Managing Director

    ALFRA Managing Director
    -Lean Enterprise Consultant Experience in Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America & Europe
    +10 Years Lean Experience
    -Industrial Engineering Degree from Tec de Monterrey
    -Champion & Black Belt Six Sigma
    -Former Celestica Lean Manager

  • Alfonso Felix

    -Over 600 high Excecutives Developed in Operational Excellence
    -Over 60 big companies consulted in Mexico, USA, Latinamerica and Europe
    -Asesor of several companies recognized worldwide as Operational Excellence Organizations
    -Shingo Educational Partner Director in México 2010-2013

  • Ritsuo Shingo

    Former Executive President of Toyota China
    and Hino Motors China
    -In 1998, had newly established the Toyota first JV in China and became the first president of the JV.
    -Joined Hino Motors in 2004 and was appointed as an officer responsible for China.
    -In 2007 became the first president of the JV between Hino Motors and Guang-Qi Motors.

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