Ritsuo Shingo Gemba Training

Experiences about leadership, culture and overcoming challenges.

5-6 December, Arad


Workshop Outline:

Ritsuo Shingo will share his perspective from all the experiences of his long life in the Automotive Industry, with over 40 years of experience in the Toyota Management System, in different leadership roles.

Participants will have the opportunity to access first hand information about Leadership and the best practices for a successful culture development.

Ritsuo Shingo will share his perspective from all the experiences of his long life in the Automotive Industry, with over 40 years experience in the Toyota Management System, in different leadership roles.

This is a management workshop not a Lean Tools training

“Learn the leadership and experiences from a successful Lean Leader”

“Share and practice with other managers in the shop floor

Take the time to reflect on the attitude and skills required to achieve outstanding performance

Latest training in Romania

Participant’s Feedback

  • I can say that it was the first time I participated in a real Lean manufacturing workshop. I absolutely loved to be part of Ritsuo Shingo training, this opportunity  strengthen my confidence and motivated me even more to give our best in facing the new challenges. Ritsuo Shingo is definitely an outstanding leader.  

    Mihai Cristea Plant Manager Inteva Products
  • It was a very good experience, I had the opportunity to share with people coming from different plants/industries and to learn from the very long experience of Ritsuo Shingo. Listening to Ritsuo Shingo during the workshop I realized that for my plant is very important to create a company culture, a culture of continuous improvement which will sustain the lean tools.

    Bogdan Ureniuc Plant Manager BOA Romania
  • This training showed me what it means to be a humble leader. Continuous improvement is a lot more about people and not only about money (like make companies believe).

    Alin Teodorescu Plant Manager Amiblu

Ritsuo Shingo

Former President Toyota & Hino Motors China

  • Ritsuo Shingo started his career with Toyota Motor Company in 1970 and retired in 2012.

  • His father, Dr. Shigeo Shingo is a renowned expert in improving manufacturing processes, who helped to develop many aspects of the revolutionary manufacturing systems which comprise the Toyota Production System.

  • He helped in the start up of five Toyota manufacturing plants outside Japan.

  • Ritsuo Shingo spent more than 13 years in various roles at Toyota in Legal, Public relations and purchasing departments.

  • He spent 5 years in the US, starting up Toyota Detroit Office as a purchasing agent and at Toyota   Motor Kentucky.

  • He worked also at Toyota Motor UK and then returned to the China Dept. in Japan.

  • In 1998, had newly established the Toyota first Joint Venture in China, “Sichuan Toyota Motor” and became the first president of the Joint Venture.

  • In 2007, had newly established the Joint Venture between Hino Motors and Guang-Qi Motors and became the first president of the Joint Venture.

Son of renowned Japanese guru Dr. Shigeo Shingo, in his +40 years in Toyota, He helped in the startup of five Toyota plants outside Japan. He set a record bringing a Toyota manufacturing plant to profit in its first year of operations.

Training Details:

Aimed to: Senior Leadership and Managers from manufacturing companies

Training Length: 2 days       Language:  English

Some of the best companies have hosted this training

Mercedes Benz, Celestica, Magna Powertrain, Takata, Rockwell Automation, SKF, Kimball, among others.

Ritsuo Shingo at Inteva Products Salonta

Ritsuo Shingo at Takata Seatbelts

Ritsuo Shingo at Mercedes Benz

Participation Fee:

820 Euro/participant >> 750 Euro/participant

Participant receives:

Training Material & Recognition

Lunch & Coffee break during the training

Receive the brochure with all details

Workshop Agenda

Day 1: Introduction to TPS

Ritsuo Shingo Presentation (8:00 – 8:30)

Concept of 4S – Gemba Activity (8:30-10:30)

Waste (Muda) Identification – Gemba Activity (10:30-12:50)

Lunch: 13:00-13:30

Problem Solving & finding – Gemba Activity (13:00-15:20)

Standardization – Gemba Activity (15:20-17:40)

Day 2: Quality at the Source

Total Participation – Gemba Exercise (8:00-10:30)

Autonomation / Build in Quality – Gemba Exercise (10:30-13:00)

Lunch: 13:00-13:30

QC Circle – Gemba Exercise (13:30-16:25)

Quality Control (16:25-17:00)

Day 3: Cultural Enablers

Motivation of Workers– Gemba Exercise (8:00-8:30)
Visual Control – Gemba Exercise (8:30-11:00)
Leader & Leadership – Gemba Exercise (11:00-12:00)
Robbery Story – (Elevator Story) (12:00-12:10)
Never Give up – Be Challenging (12:10-12:30)
Self Evaluation (12:30 – 13:00)

Lunch: 13:00-13:30

Culture (13:30-14:00)
Gembaism (Go & watch) – Gemba Exercise (14:00-16:40)

Day 4: One piece Flow/ Pull System

Brain Storming – Gemba Exercise (8:00-10:40)
Category Principle (10:40-11:10)
Level Production ( Heijunka) – Gemba Exercise (11:10-12:30)
SMED System – Gemba Exercise (12:30-13:00)
Lunch: 13:00-13:30
Pull System/Push System – Gemba Exercise (13:30-15:00)
Lot Production & One Piece Flow – Gemba Exercise (15:00-16:30)
Blame responsibility/Detect cause (15:30-14:00)
Certificate/Group photo – (16:00-17:00)

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