The Shingo Model Webinar

September 28


The Shingo Model™ is not just another initiative; it is a new way of thinking.

It applies to any industry and for any journey.


Date: September 28

4:30 PM  to 5:30 PM EET

3:30 PM  to 4:30 PM CET

4:30 PM  to 5:30 PM EET

3:30 PM  to 4:30 PM CET

Location: Online, via Zoom

Shingo Guiding Principles

Is the Shingo Model for you?

It applies to all industries and for any company regardless of their journey.

1) If you are at the beginning

Learning the Shingo Model will help you to have a systemic view on how to develop a sustainable culture of excellence that delivers superior results, understanding what to do and what to avoid when starting the transformation journey.

2) If you have already implemented some tools

You can use the Shingo Model to connect and align the improvement activities and tools into organized systems, in order to harmonize and assure the implementation of the tools are generation the right behaviors and delivering the right performance.

3) If you have a defined operational excellence model

Mature organizations can also benefit from the Shingo Model, several of our customers have already their own operational excellence model. ALFRA can help you to harmonize and apply the Shingo Model with your existing operational systems or create your own, based on the guiding principles of operational excellence.


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