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learn from an acting plant manager how to achieve sustainable success from the lean journey

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Mihai Cristea

Automotive Plant Manager

  • Mihai is an Automotive plant manager, and over the last 6 years, he started and guide his team in a journey towards excellence, based on the lean principles, spreading the mentality and culture of Gemba leadership with his team, always looking to get further and better.

  • He managed to turn around performance and keep growing the safety, quality, delivery, cost indicators.

  • He has achieved these results by developing work systems such as problem-solving, daily management, Gemba walks, visual management, and technology to support faster response.

  • He is a leader who leads by example, paying attention to people’s development and quick reaction to improve overall performance.

This program aims to transmit and discuss key points to enhance the way leaders act and engage their teams to work on continuous improvement.


What is the active role of a leader in shaping the organizational culture and leading continuous improvement?

Leader Standard Work and Visual Management helps the leaders to better understand conditions and provide the correct support.

Self Organized working structures to create alignment among all levels, from shop floor until management level, to ensure we are on the right track.

Which elements enable your team to identify and solve problems as soon as possible.

Performance and behaviors indicators to measure the evolution of your team in the lean journey.

Design a working system that will enable teams at all levels to contribute to improving their performance


Dates: 24-26 November 2020

Location: Online Live via Zoom


EET (Bucharest, Moscow, Istanbul) 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

CET (Madrid, Munchen, Budapest) 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Who should attend?

Leaders who wants to understand how to go beyond tools and create effective management systems  in order to increase performance and creating a sustainable lean culture.

Why to participate:

  • Learn how to set up the framework for daily management system to engage every level of management and team members towards driving business results.

Our participants review


For me, it was the first course conducted 100% online, but the way it was structured and approached did not affect the quality of the course.

Congratulations to the entire Alfra team! Good job!


Thank you, in my personal name, first of all! It was very interesting for me. I admit that I am fascinated by the LEAN system and I have a curiosity and a desire to deepen my knowledge in the field.

And, implicitly, on behalf of the company. It is a very useful source of information for my colleagues.


I think that this course made an important contribution through trainers, content, and structure, also the practical examples completed the theoretical part and inspired me in what I want to implement in the company as a philosophy and good practices. The way that the scientific part was explained helped me and then the practical part through skills up to the level of attention to behaviors also. The live sessions, especially in which Mr. Cristea was invited, reinforced the message that the implementation of lean management is possible.


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