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Introduction to Operational Excellence Model

Alfra has been listening to its customers and they detected the need to help managers of any manufacturing company to sharpen the managerial skills needed in those days of a tough environment and provide them with better tools and concepts to assure sustainability.

The aim of this training is to show the managerial activities to:

– Generate engaging and responsible behaviors plus the right methods and techniques of target management, plans and projects.

– Develop knowledge management creation as a result of your problem-solving activity.

– Create a culture of continuous improvement with obsessive care for detail.

Each Managerial pillar is composed of five themes to develop in the managerial asset of the Plant and we will also include Shop floor technical pillars from World Class Manufacturing.


Dates: 22-26 June 2020

Duration: 10 hours (2 hours each day)

Live Sessions Time:

  • 6 pm – 8 pm Bucharest & Moscow Time
  • 5 pm – 7 pm Madrid, Munich & Budapest Time

ALFRA will endorse training certificates for participants who complete the 100% attendance and approves the exam.


Module 1
  • Introduction to Operational Excellence Model
  • World Class Manufacturing history
  • World Class Manufacturing principles
  • World Class Manufacturing application & enablers
  • Basic tools to be a master
  • The way to teach people
  • World Class Manufacturing model and pillar description
Module 2
  • World Class Manufacturing Model
  • Safety
  • Cost Deployment
  • Wrap-up
Module 3
  • World Class Manufacturing Model
  • Focus improvement
  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • Workplace organization
  • Wrap-up
Module 4
  • World Class Manufacturing Model
  • Professional Management
  • Customer Quality
  • Logistics
  • Wrap-up
Module 5
  • World Class Manufacturing Model
  • Early Equipment Management/Enterprise Performance Management
  • People Development
  • Environmental & Energy
  • Exam
  • Wrap-up


Antonio Perez


ALFRA Senior Advisor – Former Plant Director at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

  • Antonio has wide experience at the Director level, with extensive experience leading world-class organizations as Fiat-Chrysler, Aptiv or Marelli Suspension, where he managed to develop a lean culture in plants with +1400 employees.
  • In his +20 years as leader, Antonio has grown coaching skills to develop management and front line people to deliver the highest performance through daily routines and practices (leader standard work), with special attention on always to challenge people, promote training and foster the right behaviors.
  • When developing teams, the main focus has been to transmit the Lean management principles that promote Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Moral.
  • His background enables him to implement systems to improve competitiveness, health and make companies more profitable, with responsibilities in Mexico, USA, Brazil and Italy.

Some of Antonio’s achievements as Director:

  • Zero accidents since plant start-up until end of tenure (more than 2 million hours) achieving National Safety Council Award 4 years in a row
  • He builds an excellent relationship with workers union and engages them in Lean Manufacturing activities, having an average of 20 ideas by employee (Union and non-Union) becoming the benchmark for Fiat-Chrysler in America.
  • He develops autonomous teams using the Lean Manufacturing systems to improve KPI’s on all areas with 5 million dollars savings from Budget.
  • Scrap reduction in +50% implementing kaizen activities at all levels of the company.


world class manufacturing
Operational Excellence Model

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