Gemba practice with Ritsuo Shingo, sharing his experience and learnings on leadership and continuous improvement

In this workshop participants learned from Ritsuo Shingo’s life long experiences in the Toyota company.

This week we had our Gemba Practice training, hosted by Joyson Safety Systems in Arad. Managers from different departments and industries joined us to meet Ritsuo Shingo and learn about Toyota concepts like: gembaism, 4s, muda, SMED and problem solving, among others.

Mr. Shingo shared with us his insights about:

  • The start ups of Toyota plants that he participated in.

  • Being present in Gemba(shop floor), the Go&See concept means going in the shop floor and observating the problem. This is the most practical way to resolve the problem. How can you solve a problem if you don’t even see it?

  • The 2 advices he tells very often: 1. Be patient and 2. Never give up.


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