Online (Live) session for Leaders

Lessons from Edgar Cardenas and Nicolae Gligor

In this online session, participants from Romania, Hungary, Mexico, United States, Russia, India, Spain, and many others joined together to participate in the 5S session held by ALFRA Consulting


Based on their long experience helping and guiding managers and companies, throughout their Lean Journey, Nicolae and Edgar covered not the HOW but WHY doing 5S.

Over the years we have learned that 5S is the most known lean practice, but unfortunately the most misunderstood. Organization? Cleaning? Discipline?

Some of the key points discussed were the real benefits of applying and sustaining 5S in the company. The most useful resource that 5S offers is not what you achieve by doing 5S, but what you are able to do after you have it.

Another important point that managers learned, during this online session, was how to drive the correct behaviors in their people.

The session concluded, as always, with a series of Q&A for the participants.

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