Online (Live) Leadership session with Ritsuo Shingo

Lessons from a True Lean Leader

In this online course, participants from Romania, Hungary, Mexico, United States, Russia, Peru, India, Spain, and many others learned about Leadership from the renowned leader Ritsuo Shingo, son of Shigeo Shingo.


Based on his long life experience in the automotive industry, Shingo-san presented how Leaders should act and lead people to the right target, arranging the conditions to achieve the target.

Discipline, Motivation, and Passion are aspects that a leader should have.

Other topics discussed by Former Executive President of Toyota China & Hino Motors China Ritsuo Shingo with the participants were: Taking responsibility and not blaming workers for mistakes.

Shingo-san also explained the importance of Gembaism, focusing on going to the Gemba and observing the Gemba.

Motivating your workers can be hard sometimes and Ritsuo shared some insights about how Toyota manages to motivate people.

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