Online (Live) session for Leaders

Lessons from Edgar Cardenas and Nicolae Gligor

In this online session, participants from Romania, Hungary, Mexico, United States, Russia, India, Spain, and many others joined together to participate in another online session held by ALFRA Consulting

Problem Solving for Management Online Session

Based on their long experience helping and guiding companies to achieve the goal of a company capable of Problem Solving, Nicolae and Edgar shared key points in how to form the ability of Problem Solving within participants’ own companies.

Topics discussed with the participants in this online session were: Taking responsibility for finding a good approach to identify and solve problems, learning that the role of the manager is to enable problem-solving in an organization: “Learn where to look and what to ask in order to develop a problem-solving culture within your team.”

Note that Discipline, Motivation, and Passion are aspects that a leader should have.

The session concluded, as always, with a series of Q&A for the participants.

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