Speaker: Edgar Cardenas

Special guest: Ritsuo Shingo

In this workshop, participants from different countries joined together to learn how to drive culture towards organizational excellence in the 2 live and online training sessions held by ALFRA Consulting at host plant Inteva Products, Salonta, Romania


In this 2 day workshop, we had as participants, leaders who want to learn and understand the Shingo Model and discover the Three Insights of Organizational Excellence.

With active discussions and on-site learning at Inteva Products Plant, this program was a highly interactive experience. It is designed to make your learning meaningful and immediately applicable as you discover how to release the latent potential in an organization to achieve organizational excellence. It provides the basic understanding needed in all Shingo workshops.

We had Ritsuo Shingo, son of Shigeo Shingo, as our special guest. He shared some interesting insights based on his life long experience in Toyota.

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