Online (Live) training sessions for Leaders

Speakers: Ritsuo Shingo, Mihai Cristea and Edgar Cardenas

In this online session, participants from different countries joined together to participate in another online training sessions held by ALFRA Consulting.


In this 5 day live training, we had as participants, leaders who want to understand how to go beyond tools and create effective management systems in order to increase performance and creating a sustainable lean culture.
Based on their long experience as true leaders, Former President of Toyota & Hino Motors China, Ritsuo Shingo, and Automotive Plant Manager, Mihai Cristea discuss key points to enhance the way leaders act and engage their teams to work on continuous improvement.
We had Virtual Tours on the Shopfloor presenting concepts such as Visual Management, Problem Solving Activities, and Employee Involvement.
Other topics discussed in these live sessions were:
PDCA, source control, 5s, standard work, Problem Solving, among others.
Ritsuo Shingo and Mihai Cristea also showed us why it’s important to do Gemba Walks, to observe processes and implicate directly.

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