Online (Live) session for Leaders

Speakers: Michael Hoseus, Antonio Perez and Edgar Cardenas


In this online session, participants from Romania, Hungary, Mexico, United States, Russia, Spain, and many others joined together to participate in another online webinar held by ALFRA Consulting.


Based on their long experience helping and guiding companies to achieve the goal of a company capable of Problem Solving, Mike Hoseus, co-author of The Toyota Culture, Former Fiat-Chrysler Plant Director, Antonio Perez, and Lean Advisor & Coach, Edgar Cardenas, discussed how the Shingo Model can drive your culture toward organizational excellence.

Topics discussed with the participants in this online session were:

  • how to provide a more profound understanding of the ideal behaviors necessary to achieve ideal results within an organization.
  • define ideal behaviors and the systems that drive those behaviors using behavioral benchmarks.
  • Learn how to shift your culture, guided by organizational purpose, to the next level., among others.

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