Quick Response Quality Control (QRQC)

In Field Training

“Quality is not a matter of certifications or tools, but a matter of Management

Quick Response Quality Control

In-Field Training

In-Field Training, we practice the concepts direct in the shop floor


Do you have a robust system to definitely solve and prevent problems? 

How to build a Lean Quality system


QRQC Main benefits:

  1. Solve quickly and effectively problems, prevent occurrence.
  2. Develop in your team an attitude of reality based management & problem solving
  3. Use lessons learned for future projects to improve product and process quality.

Workshop objectives:

  1. Understand the San Gen Shugi attitude
  2. Practical application of the QRQC in the shop floor
  3. Learn the management system required for a successful implementation
  4. Get a guide line to implement the QRQC  in your own site

What is QRQC?

A structured approach to quickly answer to problems that occurs at our customer or internally, taking immediate countermeasures and analyzing to develop solutions that eliminate the recurrence of the problem.


Training Length: 3 days

Who should attend? General Managers, Managers and Leaders in Quality, Manufacturing, Engineering and Lean departments.

Group size: 11 external participants

In-Field Training, we practice the concepts in the host’s shop floor

See the QRQC in action
See the QRQC in action

Learn and experience the QRQC implementation direct in the shop floor from the host plant

Team up with other managers
Team up with other managers

Share experiences and discuss with colleagues from different industries

Shop floor exercises
Shop floor exercises

We practice the concepts directly on shop floor on real processes

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