What is Visual Management?

What is Visual Management?

Visual Management is the visual communication way to learn all about a process within a company without having to lose time asking about it. (waste) That means that, within a company, anyone who passes through the shop floor should easily find out about the work state just by looking. This method doesn’t allow personal interpretation of the processes state.

Why do we need Visual Management?

Implementing Visual Management means eliminating a major WASTE and increasing productivity as a result. F.e. You’re a production manager and in need of the exact state of the assembly line. The assembly line is situated in the other side of the producion zone.
How can you manage to find the current state as long as you have a meeting right now?

Well, Visual Management represents a way to observate the data you need without having to walk around the shop floor and loose precious time. You implement a form of visual management at the entry of the shop floor with all producions line’s status.

This is just an example of how Visual Management can be implemented. We are surrounded of Visuals that helps us save time and effor even though we aren’t aware of it.

Purpose of Visual Management

Lean trainings focus on eliminating waste and creating more value for clients. For that to happen, abnormal conditions have to stand out, for employees to take action and make Problem Solving. Using Visual Management Tools, problems can be adressed more easily than before. It takes involvement to create a culture where problems are not tolerated and the Visual Management concepts help you get closer and closer.

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