Online course with over 100 people ready to learn the World Class Manufacturing foundation

In this online course, participants from Romania, Hungary, Mexico, United States, Russia, and many others learned about the Operational Excellence Model, the principles of World Class Manufacturing, how to apply them and also how to pass on what they have learned.

World Class Manufacturing

In June, we conducted this course, that lasted a week, with participants from around the world and from different industries.

We had the honor to have as trainer Antonio Perez, Former Plant Director at Fiat Chrysler

He shared his experience with us, addressing topics such as: Safety at work, how to teach our team, Cost deployment, Focus Improvement, Autonomous Maintenance, Workplace organization, Professional Management, Customer Quality, Logistics, Early Equipment Management / Enterprise Performance Management, Human Development, and Environment and Energy.

This course focused on changing the mentality of the participants in order to understand and share, within their own company, the Lean culture to continuously improve their own systems and also the people within the company.

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