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Learn why our approach delivers results

Practice on the shopfloor

All the concepts reviewed are accompanied by practice directly on the processes,  our training is 70% practical.

Team-based activities

Exchange and learn in small groups, each team will present their findings and ideas.

Real Case Examples

We have plenty of implementation examples to visualize the benefits.

Start of Improvement Projects

Participants launch improvement projects to apply their learnings on their own projects.

On-site Trainings

Every company needs a specific approach depending on their actual situation, contact us so we can understand and guide you to establish the best training program.

Take advantage of performing a training focused on your operations and actual situation, with a tailored agenda specific for your team.


Open Trainings Calendar

We schedule trainings from our most required topics periodically, some of them are direct on the shop floor (Gemba), instructed by international and local experts.


Popular Trainings

Request a call with us to tailor a program for your team.

Participants’ feedback

  • Great teacher and focus to the main objective of the course, the way of thinking. The presentation and all documents together with the speaker complete the target of the course. The speaker was very helpful in order to analyze all areas. Thank you so much.

    Gerasimos Zois
  • The training was very interesting and well explained. Surely this training will help us in production. High level of professionalism

    Paul Girna
  • Wonderful people with experience in many fields manage to deliver the material through examples, theory, and practice. I was able to really learn how to time without a timer and I see it as a good way to validate what I measured with the timer. Thank you for this experience and for the knowledge imparted.

    Osvald Thomas
  • The course was very interesting, and I learned many things that will help us in the future to develop the company. These things were also possible thanks to a special trainer, well prepared and with very good teaching skills

    Jurchis Ionut Radu
  • A very well-structured course, with enough interesting information in which ALFRA presented some real achievements or practical experiences for a better understanding of the concepts. I am fully satisfied with the course and the level of clarification of the notions learned.

    Florian Coman
  • A more than necessary course for each of those who carry out our activity in the Automotive world, very very clear and easy to understand which includes the entire range of activities by departments, in a company. We really use some of the Lean "tools" but without knowing very well the importance and target of their use. I considered that this course will offer a good strategy to assimilate new techniques for our improvement/development of people, improvements that are reflected in what we do every day at work. I also discovered the tools needed for implementation of the Lean strategy. Congratulations and thanks for your work that helps us create, implement, know and be a standard!

    Aștelean Gheorghe
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